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Harry Potter Crafts, Part 2 – Pinecone Owls

This may be my favorite craft ever.

Don’t you just love this owl?  Every good wizard needs one, and luckily, they’re very easy to make! 

For supplies, you will need:
A pinecone
Cotton balls
Googly eyes – in this case, larger eyes are better, because they are owls
Three small feathers
A scrap of orange paper (not pictured)

Miss Kat forgot about the orange paper scrap.

Pull your cotton balls apart into wispy strands, and wrap them around the pinecone, to make it look like it has some feathery bulk.  Add a little extra cotton in the face area.

Assemble your owl thusly:
Insert a feather in each side for wings, and one in the back for a tail (depending on the size of your pinecone, you may need to add a drop of glue to the ends of the feathers, so they don’t fall out).  Cut a small triangle for a beak, and insert it to the face area.  Glue two googly eyes to the face.

An aerial view of the assembled bird.

That’s it!  If you want to get fancy, you can cut out little feet, too.  Be careful that you don’t squish his face, or he will look very sad, like my yellow one does.  (I will try to plump him up a bit.)

The Eeyore of owls.

Let me know what your owl looks like!  I hope he is as cheerful as my blue one, and not as sad as my yellow one. 

The kids loved this craft, and since it costs literally pennies to make and I had plenty of supplies, I let them make as many as they wanted (one wizard made four!).  If you make your own owls, please post a photo on our Facebook wall, so we can all share the fun!