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It’s been a while since I updated our blog.  Shame on me!  Now that the holidays (and the accompanying illnesses, vacations, and stresses) are over, life at the library is starting to settle back to normal. 

Of course, normality is relative.  Our on-going schedule for every month includes two tween book clubs, two YA book clubs, Lego Club, Arts & Crafts Club, 3 different story times (and a Community Helpers Storytime), and a Saturday night movie. 

This doesn’t include our special events, of which we have many coming up: Frosty the Snowman’s Birthday Party, movie days, a visit from iRobot, a Superhero Party, a library Open House, and Geek Con, which includes a writing contest, a video contest, and art from local artists, as well as cartooning classes and other stuff – I could (and should) write a whole blog entry about that.

There have been a few other changes, too.  We got a new bookcase in the children’s room, which is over with the toys.  One side of the bookcase has board books for little ones, and the other side has parenting books and magazines.  The parenting books had been next to the beginning readers, but now we have more room for the beginning readers to grow, and the parenting books are in a more logical area.  Right now, I’m working on updating the signs to let people know where their books are.

I’m also working on a new project to highlight the nonfiction books.  We’ll see how it goes!